Large Beef Bundle

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The best way to buy beef is in fact, in BULK! 

Fill a freezer with our 1/4 beef bundle which includes the following:

200lbs of our vacuum sealed cuts.

40 lbs of Steaks:  Ribeyes, New York Strips, Filets, Sirloin, Flat Iron, Denver, Picanha 

1 Bavette, 1 Flank, 1 Skirt.

60 lbs of roasts/ribs/chuck cuts: boneless chuck roasts, chuck eye steaks, short ribs, dino ribs, stew meat, 1 petite tender

 100 lbs of ground beef: 85 lbs of 1 lb ground beef, 15 lbs of hamburger patties

 Soup bones and marrow bones available on request at no extra charge.

 *Add on options – add on these select cuts and receive a 20% discount on them, whole brisket, pichanha, tri-tip, summer sausages. Let Marissa know if you would like any add ons :) 

*This is available for in-store pickup only. If you wish to have this shipped we will have to charge $25/box. 

*Price is subject to change pending our inputs/commodity pricing fluctuations.