Beef Shares

Often known as a cattleman’s luxury, we are now offering our customers the chance to purchase a whole or half beef. Why? Because we can!

Simply put, purchasing a beef share allows you to fill your freezer while offering a hefty savings on your beef. You will pay the same price per pound for ribeye steaks as you do for ground beef. 

How much beef is in a whole or half?

Our steers will hang a carcass that weighs anywhere from 850-1,000 pounds. From that carcass (hang weight), expect to receive around 60 to 65% in boneless/trimmed/packaged beef. Every carcass cuts differently based on the amount of fat cover and bone weight. A whole carcass will yield around 650lbs of product that will go straight to your freezer! Accordingly, a half beef will be around 325lbs. of packaged meat. These weights are not exact and will fluctuate based on live animal weight and carcass yield grade.


Custom cut whole and half beef orders will be billed per hang weight. The carass hang weight will be sent to us direct from the butcher. Although the markets are constantly changing, our price per pound is $4.00. The last fee you will incur is processing from our butcher. We take all cattle to American Butchery, Santo Texas. Their price for cutting and packaging is $1.15/pound. 111 Beef Republic will pay American Butchery at time of beef delivery and the processing will be added on to your final bill. American Butchery is a family owned, USDA inspected facility. After commiting to a share we will require a $500 deposit. This will be a credit on your final invoice after beef has been cut.

Custom Cutting:

Another perk in purchasing a beef share is the ability to customize your cut order. You will have the option to cut your steaks to the thickness of your liking and package them individual or multiple in a pack. Once you commit, Marissa will supply you with a cut order sheet and assist with any questions you may have.

Details & Storage tips:

We do the heavy lifting! We will coordinate dates with the packer and deliver cattle to them. Once product us ready, you will have the option to pickup direct in Santo or coordinate with Marissa on pickup from our downtown store in Bridgeport. We will expect it to be picked up in 2-3 business days.

Your freezer space? A general rule of thumb is 1 cubic foot per every 35-40lbs of packaged beef. For a half beef you will need at least an 8 cu ft. freezer. According to the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Services beef is safe to remain in the freezer for a year.

1,000 lb carcass Purchase price: 1,000 x $4.00 = $4,000
Packaging: 1,000 x $1.15 = $1,150
Total price = $5,150
*adding speciality products/smokehouse products from processing will increase your packaging fees.*  
a carcass generally cuts into 20% steaks, 30% roasts and misc cuts, 50% ground beef
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